About Us

What is the
Fitness Bums lifestyle?

The Fitness Bums lifestyle centers around the balance between nutrition, working out and living the life you want. You don't have try the latest fad diets or live at the gym to sacrifice your day to day life to be healthy.

We practice the idea that you can find ways to eat healthy, workout anywhere and still be able to bum out on those lazy Sundays.


Who are we?

We're a team of OG's in the world of fitness and nutrition that want to help you meet your goals based off of your lifestyle. We understand, sometimes you don't feel like working out and really crave that glazed donut but there are ways incorporate everyday routines to keep you balanced.

We offer the complete online fitness and nutrition consulting to help you meet your goals and create tailor made programs that fit your lifestyle.


It's more than just a program

We want this to be a learning experience. Whether you're with us one month or one year, we want to help provide you as much of a learning experience so you can make healthier choices with your lifestyle.

We understand that everyone is different, and our goal is to work with your uniqueness and give you the best possible experience catered for YOU.

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